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What our customers say

Asgaard 240x130

"Thanks for your very high level of service and readiness - we apprechiate it very much."

Kim Sørensen, CFO - Asgaard Group A/S
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TK Development 240x130.png

"ParsePort has in early May 2014 prepared and assisted us with reporting our financial statements in XBRL - prepared in accordance with IFRS. Since our first contact ParsePort has acted professionally and met all deadlines. Although we to our knowledge were the first company in Denmark to report IFRS digitally, we felt very confident in ParsePorts handling throughout the process - and when in doubt ParsePort has communicated quickly, efficiently and solution-oriented with both us and the Danish Business Authority. Even with the more complex extensions to the XBRL taxonomy ParsePort solved the tasks seamlessly.

ParsePort has all together completed their assignment to our complete satisfaction.
We will not hesitate to recommend ParsePort to others."


Christian Koefoed, IT Manager – TK Development
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GT 240 130

"At Grant Thornton, we use several different solutions for XBRL reporting. We have a large house with many accountants, and although we aim for a uniform accounting product, we want to offer our customers some flexibility - including giving major companies the opportunity to draw up their accounts themselves. ParsePort makes this flexibility possible. At ParsePort, nothing seems impossible - everythings converted at modest prices. The response time is fast as lightning and the result is professional. It is clearly that ParsePort has been there since the very beginning of XBRL, and we can definitely recommend ParsePorts XBRL solutions."


Thomas Pingel, Auditor - Grant Thornton
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Unipension 240x130

"We are extremely satisfied with the job ParsePort has done for us. It's the best money I've spent this year."

Lars Eslund, Professional responsible for accounts - Unipension I/S
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semler 240x130

"The Semler Group have been using ParsePort for conversion of annual reports to XBRL and reporting to the Danish Business Authority for class B enterprises. I have been super happy with the process. ParsePort has supplied a super good service where quality and efficiency has been top notch. I can highly recommend using ParsePort as a supplier."

Tina Christensen, financial controller – Semler Gruppen
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Unox 240x130

""Super service! ParsePort is really fast and effective."

Lis Warberg, CFO - UnoX
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dofko 240x130

"Difko is a group with a wide range of financial services to businesses and individuals. At Difko we have several different presentations of accounts formed in different applications across companies/departments. In addition, we use Excel to create external reports. In our search for a supplier to solve the challenge of converting accounts from our own templates into XBRL, we have found that the ParsePort has been the most appropriate, practical and user-friendly solution. ParsePort handles both our Class B, Class C and consolidated accounts and we can highly recommend their solution."

Maria Rebbe, controller - DIFKO A/S
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orifarm 240x130

"We have used ParsePort in connection with the electronic reporting of financial statements. It has been flexible, easy and with a very good service from ParsePort. The result has been minimal time spent on the submission and the link to the Danish Business Authorities has been working excellent thanks to ParsePort. WE can highly recommend the solutions to others."

Søren Christiansen, Accounting Coordinater - Orifarm Group A/S
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egetaepper 240 130

"At ege, we required a partner that could convert and report our financial statements in the digital format XBRL. After having studied the market, we found ParsePorts solution most attractive. It has been uncomplicated and easy for us right from the very beginning and ParsePort has provided a fast and efficient service. We can also highly recommend ParsePorts Services to others.."

Finn Skov, CFO – Egetæpper A/S
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Entropics 240x130

"A simple and good way to fill in your report, and then convert it directly into XBRL."

Sofia Bexelius - Entropics Asset Management AB
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bikubenfonden 240x130

"High praise to ParsePort for a very fast and painless expedition in connection with the conversion of our annual report to XBRL. I am very surprised how smooth the whole process has gone! The answers from ParsePort came very swift and was easy to understand. In addition, the fine videos on YouTube was very useful in showing the entire process of reporting to the Danish Business Authority. I would certainly recommend ParsePort."

Lotte Mathiesen, regnskabsansvarlig – Kollegiefonden Bikuben
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egnsinvest 240x130

"At EgnsINVEST we have used ParsePort to the majority of our accounts, and we can recommend their services to other customers. It has been a positive experience where the management of our accounts has been easy and quick. And if there is any questions, we can always get in touch with a consultant at ParsePort and get prompt answers. We feel safe and secure using ParsePorts services, in relation to the controls and quality of the work performed, but also in terms of competence and know-how in digital accounts generally."

Maibritt Sejersen, regnskabschef - EgnsINVEST
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ck 240x130

"We needed a tool to convert our excel accounts into the XBRL format. After reviewing the various options and suppliers, we choose ParsePort. The system has fulfilled our expectations. It is easy to start with and if there are minor problems, there is always instant help from ParsePort."

Dennis Klitgaard Christiansen, auditor, HD(R) - Christensen Kjærulff
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procura 240x130

"I just want to give a feedback on our experience of the use of the XBRL Converter solution. We have reported around 80 accounts and have not experienced problems with either ParsePort or subsequent reporting the XBRL file received from XBRL Converter to the Danish Business Authority.  All in all a very satisfying experience and we look forward to utilizing your services in the future."

Claus Schellerup, Partner – Procuragroup
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vistisen lunde 240x130

"We are a chartered accounting firm in Herning with 40 employees. We operate mainly with small and medium enterprises and assists the majority of our customers with the production of accounts. The presentation and production of the accounts is done in differenc Excel models. We then report our customers' accounts into the Danish Business Authority as XBRL using ParsePorts XBRL Converter. In connection with the adaption of our Excel model for XBRL reporting, ParsePort has continuously provided the necessary assistance. ParsePorts support and XBRL products has acted in accordance with our expectations and to our full satisfaction, so we can recommend it."

Jan Buskbjerg, owner - Vistisen & Lunde, Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktieselskab
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Systematic 240x130

"We can recommend ParsePort for XBRL reporting. We got prompt responses and good help in associated with our first reports."

Peter Lindvall - Systematic Capital
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landbothy 240x130

"At LandboThy we have searched for a solution to get our Excel accounts converted into XBRL in a simple manner without changing the current methods of work in-house. We have found this solution by acquiring the XBRL Converter. We have a good treatment, and ParsePort has been incredibly helpful all the way from first meeting to the implementation phase. Today we report all our accounts using ParsePorts solutions."

Merete Budde - auditor assistant - LandboThy
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flexiket 240x130

"It has been a pleasure to work with ParsePort. You get quick and useful answers. Instructions are clear, concise and useful. Just what I needed."

Elsebet Thode Østergaard, CFO - Flexiket A/S
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Adecla 240x130

"We feel very happy and safe by using ParsePort. ParsePort has been reliable and quick with their answers in extension to XBRL conversions. XBRL has been so easy to handle thanks to ParsePort."

Alessandra Galiani - Adecla Family Office AB
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sydfyns 240x130

"We have a number of accounts, which we produce in-house at Sydfyns Elforsyning A/S. And when we had to deliver them digitally, we investigated the market for solutions and concluded that ParsePort could offer us the best solution. Since ParsePort has been taking care of all our accounts to our complete satisfaction, and we can highly recommend their services to others."

Tom Bak, CFO – Sydfyns Elforsyning A/S
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Laegaard 240x130

"When XBRL was announced, we feared that we were facing major changes in our operation. But with ParsePort's XBRL converter, we got a very simple solution which can handle the entire XBRL problem for us - without having to change the workflow. We can continue the use of our Excel templates - and we have the same freedom and flexibility to make changes and additions as before. This, combined with a very affordable price and a fast response time meant that our Excel accounts were XBRL-ready with minimal work."

Kurt Lægård, owner - Lægård Revision, Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktieselskab
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Hornsyld 240x130

"We have delivered more than 30 annual reports with ParsePort XBRL Converter, and it has worked quickly and efficiently. We use both Word and Excel for preparation of financial statements, and the system can easily handle both. Once you have tried converting and reporting once, the system is easy to use. ParsePort also have a good, efficient and fast support when there has been a need for it. I would therefore like to recommend ParsePort as a partner."

Henrik Holm, CFO Hornsyld Købmandsgaard A/S
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5R 240x130

"ParsePort is a very simple and user-friendly system that is easy to learn and use. Even the learning and implementing of ParsePorts solutions did not consume any working hours. Our financial statements are prepared in Excel and based on a single hour of education from ParsePorts employee, we are able to submit our accounts electronically, and if there is any problems, the support is fast to answer us. ParsePort makes even a check on whether the texts of its financial statement for the Annual Accounts are correct."

Marianne Donati, auditor assistant - Revisionscenteret 5R Esbjerg ApS
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Albrechtsen 240x130

"ABSOLUTELY AMAZING to work with ParsePort. Now we are at our 2nd year of "throwing" accounts in a steady stream to ParsePort - and they come RIGHT back immediately – ready to deliver at the authorities - and this saves us a lot of time. Quite nice to know that others in the community work "24-7" GREAT PRAISE to the ParsePort team."

Sanne Bergmann - auditor - Revisionsfirmaet Albrechtsen
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AogL 240x130

"The ParsePort XBRL converter has solved our XBRL challenge in the absolute easiest and most user-friendly way. All employees have participated in the training and are today using ParsePort XBRL Converter. I can definitely recommend ParsePort and vouch in their products."

Carsten Lie, auditor - Andersen & Lie - today a part of Revision Limfjord
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Bornholm 240x130

"At Bornholms Revision, we use an Excel template for the production of accounts. When we had to find a solution that could convert our Excel accounts in XBRL, we focused a lot on the flexibility of the product as we do not have standardized accounting model. We emphasized that the product should be user-friendly as it would be applied to all users inside the house. After seeing the possible solutions, we chose ParsePorts XBRL Convert, and within days we implemented the solution at all levels in-house. When we need support ParsePorts consultants have reacted promptly and professionally - and the fact that support is included in the solution without additional costs, has given us a freedom other providers do not offer. We are very pleased with the solution and we can highly recommend ParsePort to other customers."

Henrik Westh Thorsen, auditor - Bornholms Revision, statsaut. revisorer
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CRBogholderi 240x130

"Thanks for now. 100% satisfied with the service and I will let you handle all my XBRL in the future.

Christian Rasmussen, owner - CR Bogholderi IVS
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Damgaard 240x130

"Today we have received XBRL files from ParsePort and reported them into the Authorities. I would just like to thank you for the great service and extraordinary fast handling – this is very recommendable."

Thomas Roland, auditor - Damgaard Revision
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Dansam 240x130

"The first time we heard about XBRL was on a course in Herning. At this time, there were a number of providers with different solutions and not least levels. After a meeting with ParsePort we were convinced that if they could “deliver”, it would be the best offer for us. We started to experiment with XBRL, and during the process there was a number of questions to ParsePort. Here I was really surprised by the support that came back from ParsePort, I couldn’t hardly ask the questions before the answer was there, and answers were always in a constructive way. It only took a few days from the beginning until we were able to report the XBRL accounts to the Danish Business Authority. We have reported more than 300 company accounts year one, and we use an Excel solution where all annual reports is created from a central database. Almost everything is automated to optimize production time - and we feared initially that XBRL would involve major changes to this process so that our employees would be burdened with manual routines. However, ParsePort turned out to have a solution that seamlessly integrates with our solutions so all employees does not spend time on the XBRL part. There is no doubt that XBRL is a supplement to the auditor's work, which many find it hard to see the advantage of, but Pars Port has solved the problem so elegant for us. We have great confidence in that all updates are centralized at ParsePort so we can just continue to do what we do best. We can only highly recommend ParsePort to all our colleagues. It works, and for the price it is perhaps the market's cheapest XBRL solution."

Bjarne Leth, auditor - Dansam Revision
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dossing 240x130

"We are an auditor firm with approximately 35 employees, where we work with Excel, Word and a combination of both Excel and Word. Internally we have various ways to produce and complete financial statements, and therefore it was important for us to find a solution which were flexible and more importantly - easy to use for all employees. We have therefore chosen ParsePorts XBRL Converter as our XBRL solution. It is a solution that is very easy to use and it fits well into our company and covers our needs. We can only recommend ParsePort to our colleagues in the industry."

Michael Nielsen, auditor - Døssing & Partnere
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Revisionscentret 240x130

"We are using a combination of Word and Excel when we produce annual reports - and to find a supplier who could convert both files at once into XBRL was a challenge. Then ParsePort presented their solution for us and they did a validation of our accounts. After we had reached an agreement, ParsePort came to Ribe and taught the staff to use their XBRL Converter, which we now report digitally to the chamber of commerce through. The process has been impeccable and we only had very few problems, and when they aroused the ParsePort team was never more than a phone call or email away"

Lars Josefsen, auditor – Revisionscentret Ribe
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ecomentor 240x130

"XBRL accounts was not something I did not wanted to work with. I think it was very difficult and complex. Now I have changed my mind after being introduced to ParsePort. I do not feel left by myself - because ParsePort' is just a phone call away. In addition, ParsePort will not stop until the problem is solved. So I can only recommend ParsePort to others."

Anne Lorentzen - Ecomentor
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evmetal 240x130

"After searching the web for possible XBRL solutions, we found ParsePort. From the first phone call, we have had a very positive experience and a super guidance from ParsePort. We got a simple and quick solution that satisfies all our needs perfect and at a low cost. We can definitely recommend ParsePort as a partner to others."

Klaus Agger og Gitte Cordius, accounting - EV Metalværk A/S
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fadolph 240x130

"We have searched for a simple solution enabling us to transmit digital accounts, and after having become acquainted with ParsePorts XBRL Service, we have not used others since. The solution is simple and straightforward - we submit only the external accounts, as we always have done, and then ParsePort takes over the rest of the process. We have now reported numerous accounts this way, and can unhesitatingly recommend ParsePort to our colleagues. You get quick responses, great service and safety."

Flemming Adolph, auditor - F. Adolph, Statsautoriseret Revisionsanpartsselskab
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FRIIS 240x130

"I would hereby express my absolute satisfaction with the service and the speed I have been served with by Pars Port. - It just works without problems."

John Friis Christensen, auditor - Revisionsfirmaet FRIIS
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GBJ 240x130

"We have used ParsePort to convert our accounts since we submitted the first XBRL report for the Danish business authorities the early summer of 2012. And a lot of accounts has been delivered since. The system has worked flawless, and the ParsePort solution is making conversions instant. A very good solution when your own system cannot handle XBRL."

Morten Bruun Jacobsen, owner - GBJ Revision & Økonomisk Rådgivning
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gertovesen 240x130

"Our reporting of XBRL financial statements is done in cooperation with ParsePort. We have worked together since mid-2012. I think they do the exercise in a highly professional manner, not least, they must be recommended for their quick responses, when a rare situation of problems arise."

Gert Ovesen - auditor and owner
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HHR 240x130

"I have chosen ParsePort as my partner when it comes to reporting annual reports in the XBRL format to the Danish Business Authority. ParsePort has been very cooperative, where my desires to a large extent has been achieved. ParsePort has solved the problem fast and to my complete satisfaction. The system works quickly and it is perfect to convert excel accounts into the XBRL format."

Henrik Hansen, auditor - Henrik Hansen Revision ApS
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jfj 240x130

"I run a small business with a few good and loyal customers. Quite early in the XBRL process I looked at ParsePort's XBRL converter, and although I was an early adopter, I got the sense of being secure with the product, which ParsePort has confirmed afterwards. I use a combination of Word and Excel and ParsePort easily convert my accounts to XBRL. And the support has been easy, accessible, quick and understandable. And compared with the size of my business the price is very price competitive - even for my small business. I am extremely pleased with the product and would like to recommend ParsePort to others."

Jens Frederik Jensen, auditor - JFJ Revision
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lars-jeppesen 240x130

"At Jeppesen, we are quite busy - and finding extra time to familiarize us with the digital accounts/XBRL seemed very difficult. It did not take us very long to find ParsePort as the best solution that suited our needs perfectly. We were not disappointed at all. The primary thing we like about ParsePort is the fact, that the solution is tailored to us as our users. The sales process and the implementation process took place at our facilities on our premises, and at a pace that suited us perfectly. We have felt that the help was only an email or phone call away all along if something were teasing us. Even for non-technicians ParsePorts solutions are simple and intuitive - so if you need a solution that affects your daily life at a minimum, ParsePorts XBRL converter is the answer.."

Majbritt Kjær - auditor asssistant - Revisionsfirmaet Lars Jeppesen
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nr 240x130

"Based on recommendations from a colleague we chose to contact ParsePort to solve our XBRL conversion challenge. We use a combination of Word and Excel when we produce annual reports and the reports can be different according to the individual customer's needs. Therefore, we needed a flexible solution with full support and guidance. After the implementation and training of the ParsePort systems, we are very pleased with the solution. They are never more than a phone call away, and we have had a great experience from start to finish. We convert and transmit all accounts digitally using the ParsePort XBRL Converter and we can highly recommend ParsePort to everyone else who needs a good XBRL solution with a high service level and very down to earth consultants."

Holger Jeppesen, auditor - Nordjysk Revision
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piaster 240x130

"Parseport has since the very beginning, shown a willingness and commitment that has helped to drive a constructive communication in the development of a customized XBRL solution. The fact that the solution is tailor made for the customers individual needs is highly valued."

Stefan Johansson, auditor - Piaster Revisorerne
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revipartner 240x130

"We have used ParsePort XBRL Converter since end 2011. We are using Excel to finalize our accounts, and in the early stage we met the different XBRL suppliers, ending up choosing ParsePort. ParsePort has undoubtedly been the right solution for us – the converter is inexpensive, easy to use, including support and most important, it works! ParsePort has managed to take the XBRL challenge (which initially seemed quite complicated and confusing), and brought it down on a simple level where you feel completely at ease. We highly recommend Pars Ports XBRL solution."

Karsten Christensen, auditor - Revipartner
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Revisionscentret2 240x130

"In our company we are many people who works with the financial statements. It has been very important for us to find a supplier that were able to deliver a broad XBRL solution, that is simple and user friendly. Therefore we have chosen ParsePort XBRL Converter. It is a simple user friendly solution that everybody can use. And after having the ParsePort team implementing the system, everybody can deliver to the chamber of commerce digitally. And when support is included in the subscription (unlike the other suppliers), help is never more than an email or a phone call away. We are extremely satisfied with the solution, and can definitely recommend it to our colleagues in the industry."

Olaf Krag, auditor - Revisionscentret Aabenraa
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revisorteam 240x130

"At Revisor-Team A/S we are using a very complex Excel developed system for e.g. production of accounts. When XBRL were announced, we began to look for suppliers in the market, and after a long investigation process we found ParsePorts XBRL Converter as the most appropriate solution for our company. This was also the most price- and time effective solution for us, which also had a positive effect on our customers and our selves looking at being effective. During the implementation phase ParsePort has shown a great flexibility, been very helpful and service minded to us. Their consultants has acted quickly and confident through the whole process of implementing XBRL. The solution is simple and very easy to use for the users in-house, and today all our accounts are reported through ParsePort. We are very pleased with the product and highly recommend it to our colleagues in the industry"

Michael Berg, partner - Revisor-team A/S
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Reviwest 240x130

"Vi har i Revisionsfirmaet Westergaard valgt at anvende Parseport som konverteringsværktøj fra vores Excel model til XBRL. Parseport har været en god løsning som brugere på alle niveauer har kunnet anvende uden problemer. Vi har i løbet af kort tid kunnet opfylde kravet om elektronisk indberetning ved hjælp af Parseport’s XBRL konverter. Ud over det har de andre ParsePort produkter til konvertering til XBRL, som vi i særlige tilfælde har anvendt, ligeledes fungeret upåklageligt. De spørgsmål, vi har haft i forbindelse med implementeringen, har Parseport besvaret hurtigt og professionelt. Vi anser Parseport, som en vigtig samarbejdspartner i forbindelse med servicering af vore klienter."

Micki Petersen, Revisor Cand.merc.aud. - Revisionsfirmaet Westergaard
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Rplus 240x130

"As the demand for XBRL reporting to the Danish Business Authority came to speak, we contacted various partners to be well "equipped" for the job. Since we are a small company, the clarity, price and especially backup from the supplier is most important for us. After meeting with ParsePort it seemed clear to us, that their solution where something we could. We could continue with our current accounting model in Excel, which for us was a must. XBRL was a learning process where ParsePort was constantly supportive and ready to help us, to get the job done in the best possible way and in accordance with our wishes and standards. The result is a good standard and a reporting function that works 100%. After a brief implementation from ParsePort and written instructions we were up and running. It was very exciting the first couple of times, and it worked flawlessly. We have reported many books and the written instructions are no longer needed, as it is extremely user-friendly and an easy process to run through. For both small and large companies that are in a similar situation, we will definitely recommend ParsePort, as good partners."

Gert Skjønnemand, auditor - RevisionPlus A/S - today a part of Deloitte
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RV 240x130

"Revisorerne Værløse is a community of four different audit companies in which we have different individual processes and ways to produce annual reports in various Excel models. Although we could wish that all our accounts were identical, this is not always the case - there may be a phrase, a page break or a general arrangement, which may differ. This is where ParsePorts XBRL solution's fits perfect. It enables us to have different parameters, and cause ParsePort's solution is online-based, we do not think about updating software, taxonomies or other tech bits. With an implementation time on a few hours, enabling everybody to report to the Danish Business Authoritues, and above all, we also got a broad understanding of what can (and cannot) be done with the digital accounts - without having to use forces on the technique behind it. We can only recommend ParsePort's solution."

Birger Schyberg, auditor - Revisorerne Værløse
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SP 240x130


Quite early in the XBRL process I started to analyse the market for a solution - and even then, ParsePort seemed to have the most flexible solution. I made the decision, but actually waited a little to implement since we were quite busy. In early the 2012, I started using ParsePorts XBRL solution and the product has only gotten better since. ParsePort seems to have created a product that can embrace many accountants and its very flexibility in relation to use all Excel capabilities and keep them intact. There is no code, macros or limitations - and we were ready to report digital accounts shortly after the implementation. With ParsePort XBRL accounts has been taken down on a user-friendly level. It is not rocket science at all, we just needed to adjust a bit up against some of the new rules in our current Excel models. So do not be afraid of all the “horror articles” about XBRL, with ParsePort it does not have to be that difficult."

Kim Riis, partner - Sønderup & Partnere A/S
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thorvaldrein 240x130

"As XBRL was announced, we needed to decide whether we wanted to buy a complete annual report production system, or whether we should prepare our current accounting templates to XBRL. After meeting ParsePort among many other providers, we decided that ParsePorts solution was the optimal solution for us. Therefore, we have chosen to maintain working routines, as they "were" as far as possible while avoiding the significant costs associated with systemic change and employee re-training. Today we report all records digitally, we are extremely pleased with the product, service, and quality ParsePort has provided to us. We can only recommend ParsePort for other auditors who stands at the same crossroads as us."

Claus Kristensen, auditor - Thorvald Rein, Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktieselskab
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OARevision 240x130

"We have used ParsePorts XBRL service for some time now, and I can only say that ParsePort has lived up to our expectations. ParsePorts employees gives us a good, professionally and competent service and we have reported numerous accounts so far. I can also highly recommend others in the industry to use the solution."

Olav Abildgaard, auditor. - O.A. Revision A/S
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Saedding 240x130

"We use ParsePort to convert all our accounts into the XBRL format. For us it is important that we can maintain the appearance of our annual reports, while delivering digital annual reports to the Danish business authorities. ParsePort has provided a good service, and what looked like becoming very difficult and complicated, has been simple and straightforward. We can definitely recommend ParsePort for our colleagues and other businesses that need to file in XBRL format."

Simon Hessellund, owner - Sædding Recision
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MichaelKappelhoj 240x130

"In a world with a lot of lousy service, I appreciate that ParsePorts service is good and constructive."

Michael Kappelhøj, auditor - Revisionsfirmaet Michael Kappelhøj
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KarlSorensen 240x130

"I have an accounting firm with many small companies as customers, and I have been looking for a simple, reliable, fast and easy solution to report my accounts electronically in XBRL. After meeting ParsePorts consultant, I choose to use the XBRL Service, which I found as the best solution for me. I have now been using it for quite a few years, and I can highly recommend the product to my colleagues. It's easy, simple and service levels are top notch."

Karl Sørensen, auditor
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ADDCO 240x130

"ParsePorts XBRL converter has solved our XBRL challenge in the absolute easiest and most user-friendly way. All staff has been educated and are now using ParsePorts XBRL converter."

Kasper Kristoffersen, auditor - ADDCO
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JGilbertnielsen 240x130

"According to the new requirements for reporting of digital accounts, we had a visit from a consultant from ParsePort. The consultant explained us the options we had to report our financial statements digitally, and he explained us in a very simple and easy way what XBRL was, which made an impression! Today, we have used ParsePorts XBRL solution several times, and as a customer, we have 100% confidence in the work ParsePort delivers to us. We can only recommend ParsePort to our colleagues. A large digital challenge has been resolved to A+."

Niels Frost, auditor - Revisionsfirmaet J. Gilbert Nielsen
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