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CRD IV - Service

XBRL Service for CRD IV is the simplest way to report into the local authorities.

The process is simple:

bullet grey Send your report to ParsePort.
bullet grey ParsePort validates and convert the report into XBRL.
bullet grey You receive a XBRL file and a review-report back within 24 hours.

XBRL Service for CRD IV is interesting to companies whom:

bullet grey Need to generate few reports.
bullet grey Wish not to change the internal working processes.
bullet grey Is in a transition period between systems.
bullet grey Is hesitating to choose a XBRL solution, and needs to buy some time.

ParsePort XBRL Service for CRD IV supports: COREP (common reporting), FINREP (financial reporting), AE (asset encumbrance), LCR (liquidity coverage ratio), NSFR (net stable funding ratio) and LR (leverage ratio).


As well as all our other XBRL solutions, we have several control instances to ensure that all your financial reports are converted in accordance with applicable requirements and taxonomies. Our XBRL solutions is of course always updated with the latest taxonomies, and you will not be affected when taxonomies change as we integrate the changes in-house, so it does not affect you as end user in any way.


The price structure for our XBRL Service for CRD IV are simple. You pay a fixed price per report. Please contact us for more information.

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