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CRD IV - Converter

With the Converter for CRD IV we have made it easy and simple to create XBRL files for the European Banking Authorities (EBA). We take your existing Excel template and prepare it for XBRL. This is done by inserting a General Data Sheet in your template. Afterwards all you need is to push the XBRL button, and the report are then validated against EBAs rules, and a XBRL files is saved directly to your computer. Then you can deliver the report to your receiving authority.

The implementation process is typically:

bullet grey We prepare your template.
bullet grey Our consultant then implements the solution and train your staff in using it.
bullet grey Now the report is being validated and a XBRL file is generated directly on your computer, once you push the XBRL button in your template.

Take a look at our 3 minute video demonstration of our Reporter solution, and learn how to fill, convert and submit your CRD IV report to your local business authority in XBRL. In this example a COREP report. It is the same principle our Converter for CRD IV operates by.

Why should you choose Converter for CRD IV

bullet grey It is fast!
bullet grey It is secure – all data is validated against EBAs rules.
bullet grey You pay a fixed price.
bullet grey You have free support by phone, email and through remote control software.

ParsePort CRD IV Converter supports: COREP (common reporting), FINREP (financial reporting), AE (asset encumbrance), LCR (liquidity coverage ratio), NSFR (net stable funding ratio) and LR (leverage ratio).


As well as all our other XBRL solutions, we have several control instances to ensure that all your financial reports are converted in accordance with applicable requirements and taxonomies. Our XBRL solutions is of course always updated with the latest taxonomies, and you will not be affected when taxonomies change as we integrate the changes in-house, so it does not affect you as end user in any way.


The price structure for our Converter for CRD IV are simple. You pay a fixed annual subscription fee to access to our conversion tool. Please contact us for more information.

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