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Financial Reporting

A large number of financial businesses has to report to their local authorities, under the European Banking Authorities (EBA) supervision and regulations.

The Capital Requirements Directive (CRD IV) and the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR), is the European Union’s implementation of the Basel III rules. The purpose with the directives is to establish the rules for financial institutions capital adequacy through a harmonized reporting across the EU.

This covers the reporting forms: COREP (common reporting), FINREP (financial reporting), AE (asset encumbrance), LCR (liquidity coverage ratio), NSFR (net stable funding ratio) and LR (leverage ratio).

ParsePort has made a number of solutions that enable financial companies to produce these reports to the receiving authorities in the XBRL format. We provide simple, cost-effective, user-friendly solutions such as Reporter, which validates and create XBRL files directly from EBA's own reporting templates, and complex solutions where we integrate with databases and consolidate data into each field in the reports.

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