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Annual Reports - XBRL Basis

With ParsePort Basis your company doesn’t need to upgrade or invest in new software to be able to create XBRL files.

With ParsePort Basis, you receive a pre-produced Excel template, where you simply insert your texts, values and notes from your annual report. When this is done, you can save XBRL files directly to your computer.

Why should you choose ParsePort Basis:

bullet grey Many companies has to submit their annual report i the new digital filing format XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language). Companies can buy a solution that enables them to produce XBRL files, or upgrade their current systems and solutions to be XBRL ready.
bullet grey Nevertheless, often there’s a cost added to the upgrades and usually the companies has to re-educate employees to be able to use new/updated systems.
bullet grey ParsePort Basis is a very simple tool, enabling you to make an annual report, typically within an hour. The tool is cost-effective and very easy to learn. Basis is an alternative to companies who does not want to invest in solutions or re-educate their personal.

Whom is ParsePort Basis interesting to?

bullet grey Companies who produce their own annual reports in-house and doesn’t have the software/solutions to save directly into XBRL.
bullet grey Companies who wish to be more integrated in where their financial items/posts are placed in the taxonomy when their annual report is created.
bullet grey Companies who today uses systems, but have some annual reports, who simply just do not fit in these systems.


As well as all our other XBRL solutions, we have several control instances to ensure that all your financial reports are converted in accordance with applicable requirements and taxonomies. Our XBRL solutions is of course always updated with the latest taxonomies, and you will not be affected when taxonomies change as we integrate the changes in-house, so it does not affect you as end user in any way.


The price structure for our Basis are simple. You pay a fixed annual subscription fee to access to our Basis tool. Please contact us here for more information.

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