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Who are we?

We are one of Denmarks leading developers and suppliers of XBRL solutions for Danish businesses. With products covering everything from annual reports to financial reports as COREP, FINREP and Solvency we have solutions that cover different needs and requirements for secure and user-friendly XBRL solutions

Our passion is to convert data. We know it sounds a bit geeky - but that's what we do, and that is what we specialize in. Whether it comes to converting sales -or inventory reports for some of the world's largest IT companies, or convert an XBRL accounting for a smaller auditor – we can do it!

We have developed all products ourselves and our solutions are being used by auditors and several larger corporations. Therefore, whether you make one single or several thousand reports to your local authorities, we have a solution that fits your business.

We are a 100% Danish owned company that originally began with converting data formats for companies in the IT industry, and with customers such as Panasonic, LG, Microsoft, Intel, GN Netcom etc. we are your guarantee of products that meet the strictest requirements in terms of safety, ease of use, quality and support.

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How it all started

ParsePort was founded in 2009 by Michael Krog (former CEO of pan-Nordic distributorBoston Distribution and EMEA director of gaming peripherals manufacturer SteelSeries) and Kim Eriksen (former product manager for Danish distributor GS Scandinavia and Nordic sales manager at 3Dconnexion – a Logitech company). The people within ParsePort have all been employed on one or usually more levels within the sales chain – being reseller, distributor and/or vendor level. We have all experienced the challenges in the reporting scenario and the main drive for creating ParsePort has been to minimize workload for all parties while still providing highly effective intelligence

The idea behind ParsePort originated at an accidental meeting at the airport in Stockholm, due to a cancelled flight to Copenhagen. After a long lunch the idea for ParsePort was born. Since its founding in 2009, we have evolved to - not only to be the supplier of our Business Intelligence system to more of the world's largest IT companies - but also the leading provider of XBRL solutions.

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In 2011 we expanded our product portfolio to include data conversion for the financial sector using the XBRL data format. Actually, our accountant approached us with the words "You are the right ones when it comes to getting data converted right?" And without much hesitation, we started to develop our first XBRL solution, and we have not looked back since, which has meant that today we are the leading provider of XBRL solutions in the Nordics.

We are active members of the board of the association XBRL Denmark, XBRL Sweden and through this, we are also members of XBRL Europe and XBRL International.

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ParsePort has a number of partners. If you are interested in becoming a part of our partner base, do not hesitate to contact us.

Among others we are cooperating with:

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ParsePort is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and thereby operates on CET timezone enabling us to perform time-critical updates for both Europe, USA and Asia.

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ParsePort was profitable from first year and despite our young age, we are AAA-rated and have never utilized any credit facilities. 


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